Dear Kobe: Thanks from LakerNation

On Monday Night, December 18, it seemed like the city of Los Angeles, maybe the entire state of California, dropped everything they were doing to muse on the career of one, Kobe Bryant.  A few days have passed, the purple and gold streamers have been swept off the floor, and both the #8 and #24 … Continue reading Dear Kobe: Thanks from LakerNation

New Year, Better Me

“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily; Not to dare is to lose oneself.”-Soren Kierkegaard           That’s one of my favorite quotes from a great philosopher. 2017 was all about daring and having to be brave. The world seemed to flip upside down multiple times this year and each of us was left to figure … Continue reading New Year, Better Me

NBA Awards/Playoffs Round 1

The time has come ladies and gentlemen.  NBA playoffs.  I'd like to apologize publicly if you have no interest  in basketball.  Partially because of the happiness you're missing in your life, but mostly because of how obnoxious I get during playoffs on basically every social media platform possible. Most people are already aware of this, … Continue reading NBA Awards/Playoffs Round 1