First Post Anxiety 

So I finally did it! I started a blog. God I thought this was an incredible idea and the the anxiety hit. Like how do I know anyone is gonna care about what I have to say or even keep up with it? I guess I won’t.

So bear with me while I figure this out. I will say I started this blog for two reasons. 1) venturing into the adulting world after college has been SUPER stressful, intimidating, crippling, and anxiety-inducing for me. I figured I can’t be the only one so I wanted share some of my thought on that. 2) just to share some encouraging thoughts. I feel like the world we live in today doesn’t do enough encouraging, uplifting and just loving on one another and I’m hoping I can do that for one or two people God willing. 

So I’m gonna ponder how o wanna do this but I was thinking of doing two posts a week. One midweek “seashell” of encouragement (to go with my theme- see about pg) and something fun on the weekend? 

Idk really lol if anyone has any suggestions feel free to jot them down below:) 


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