All things Amore ❤️

Aristotle said “love is two souls inhabiting one body,” while Mahatma Gandhi said “where there is love there is life”. 

When I think of love I think of so many different things.  I think Of times when my sisters go out without me, but they remember to bring me back French fries because they know how I feel about fries.  I think of my mother changing the channel from her hallmark movie to the last ten seconds of the Lakers game, not because she wants to, but because she knows I’ll throw a tantrum if she doesn’t.  I think of one of my best friends who lives in Florida, but still finds the time in between work and school to call me on California time to ask how my day was.  I think of a darling young girl named Melanie who listened to me rant about never receiving flowers and bought me flowers one day just because. I think of my friend Jade who I can argue with about any and everything, but when we’re not arguing I find myself missing yelling at her because it’s such a normal thing I can’t go without. I think of the above picture taken at a concert where I found family in a fandom of strangers simply because we had similar music interests that we loved. 

Love has so many different definitions because it is such a dynamic and complex thought. I’ve been rambling a lot on this blog and trying to figure out what I wanted my theme to be. I kept asking myself what is the one message I want to leave with my readers on a weekly basis and it finally hit me- it’s love. Love makes all the difference. I’ve had so much love in my life but I’ve also had moments where I’ve felt completely empty. When I look at the world and I see broken families, hurting people, homeless people, single mothers, abandoned by teenagers, racially profiled and oppressed people, I can’t help but think- what if they had just one person tell them they were loved and cared for? What if tomorrow each person who read this blog gave a hug to at least five people? Think of the difference that would make. Love is what drew me to choose the career path that I am pursuing. Love of people, love of learning, and love of education. Because I also know what it feels like to not have love. To feel alone and deserted. To feel like no one around you is listening and the world would continue turning if you weren’t around. I’ve been there and being able to look back on that experience and how my loved ones always pulled me out of it is a blessing that I can’t keep to myself. And so, my hope is that with every post that goes up on this blog, it may add a little love to someone’s life.. Some days we will talk about what I love, some days I’ll ask what my readers love, some days will be bad days and it will be necessary to reflect on the lack of love. Regardless what the topic is, day in and day out, I promise to be as encouraging and as positive as I can and I hope and pray each of you will find something in every post that will add to Your definition of love and help you go out into the world and share that with those who may need it. I believe love is transforming, it’s powerful, and it’s important. So as usual feel free to share your comments questions and concerns as you always do. Message me personally or sound off in the comments. Tell me some things you love. Favorite shows, sports teams you love, a certain food- whatever. I encourage you to do something you love this week as well. 



2 thoughts on “All things Amore ❤️

  1. I love your posts … but it keeps me from viewing all the outhers! Was that intentional?
    😉 Love and tranquility … and a peacefull day. My dear blogger friend. 🙂

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    1. Thanks you for those well wishes! They came in very handy today actually. & you should be able to click the home button from the drop down menu and see the rest of the posts. I may change the layout to something a little less complicated though, thanks for pointing that out:)

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