ALL thing work together for good (Life Update)

So I’ve done a really, really terrible job of writing on here lately. Lol and for that I apologize. 

Originally, I began this blog during that Pivotal break time right after I graduated undergrad. I had no idea what was coming next, I was depressed, unemployed, and someone suggested blogging as an outlet. Since then a lot has changed and I had to reconsider the direction of the blog. I honestly didn’t think I’d have as many readers as I do and for that reason I think I’ll keep doing it. The scheduling is going to get a little interesting though. 

Anyways, I thought since I’ve been gone for so long it was only fair I update you all on what I’ve been up to, for those that care &I have been asking lol 

So I got into a graduate school program and I’m coming up on the end of my first quarter. It’s been a very interesting adjustment because as I’m sure many of you know undergrad and grad are very different. But the details of that will come in another post lol my program is a dual program and that’s basically why I chose it. I’m shooting for a Masters in Counseling with an emphasis in School Psychology. I had the option of adding more specializations and right now my interest have been in marriage and family therapy. I think for the most part I’ve figured out the age group I wanna work with is kids between 14 and 18 really, the formative years. I’d love to do it in a school setting but I’m so intrigued by family counseling that’s an option too. So  I attend classes three days during the week at night basically it’s not too bad.

I also got a job! That’s a major accomplishment because those of you who spoke to me during summer knew how hopeless and bored I was sitting at home with my degree doing nothing lol I applied many different places and even turned down a few jobs. Prayed about it and got advice from a lot of different people to wait on the right job to come and it did! I work at a public middle school in the Riverside Unified Achool District and my official title is a math tutor. So basically I work everyday in a classroom assisting one of the math teachers. The idea was that incorporating common core into the CA school systems made lessons go a little faster and one teacher cannot exactly teach and attend to the questions of 30 students at one time. So while she’s teaching I’m basically walking around clarifying for students who are a bit slower in understanding, working out problems step by step and making sure they’re on task. Honestly I love my job. I love watching a student begin to understand something that wasn’t so clear before, I love joking with them and learning their names outside the classroom. It comes with lots of responsibility too. With this past election it’s been especially hard because they have so many questions and I don’t have all the answers. When a 12 or 13 year old is asking you questions that they aren’t getting answers to at home, you have to be very careful how you proceed. 

So really between work and school I’m getting used to adulting but very, very slowly. lol omg ores all the time-I don’t necessarily have time to watch all my shows or keep up with my sports teams until the weekend.  I can’t complain though because God has blessed me in ways I could never imagine. 

And so if there’s something you’ve been praying about, some decision you’ve been struggling with, or a job or discussion you’ve been avoiding I just want to take the time to encourage you and tell you patience makes all The difference. It’s hard to wait, I know that more than anyone. But life has a funny way of working itself out. In the meantime, it’s okay to be sad or anxious or frustrated. But don’t let it discourage you.  Talk to the people around you, practice doing there things you love in the meantime as you wait. 

If you need a bible text for encouragement my go to is always Romans 8:28.  I hope you guys have an amazing week! I’m gonna work on being on here more! As always feel free to question or comment below! 



2 thoughts on “ALL thing work together for good (Life Update)

  1. i think stick to the 14-18 age group .Kids already like you a lot because of your cheerfulness and you way mature than them so they would listen..For now leave the marriage counselling at least ( though you can do it unofficially as you are already doing to your friends already )

    but good work and even great progress ,we are impressed #


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