Love & Gratitude day 4/5 (Thanksgiving Week)

Nigel Hamilton said, “Thanksgiving is a time of both togetherness and gratitude.” 

Jim Butcher said, “there is nothing that makes you more insane than family. Or more happy.  Or more exasperated. Or more secure.”

So I skipped thanksgiving day because I assumed everyone was busy with family time and what not. And then the chaos that is Black Friday. If I’m being honest all I’ve been doing is binge watching the Gilmore Girls revival(I might post my reaction to that soon, yay or nay?) But I promised a week of giving thanks and I shall follow thru! 

For Thursday, thanksgiving day, I was honesty thankful for being able to give thanks. It sounds ridiculously simple but celebrating thanksgiving goes with the assumption there is something worth being thankful for. And gosh I had MORE than enough to be thankful for. For others giving thanks means identifying your blessings and appreciating the people who have helped you all year. For others, it means helping those who do not have the blessings they have. For me, it’s really always centered on God. Because everything I have has come from Him in one way or another. He deserves all the thanks because quite frankly he doesn’t treat me as I derserve sometimes. It’s humbling. 

For Friday, I was thankful for family and for flexibility. I hung out with my mom all day and it was cool cause we did so many different things.  Bonding never really looks the same from day to day even with family. You adapt. If it’s shopping, doing here, arguing about who’s driving, watching holiday hallmark movies, or cooking together- I think the together part is the important part. So I guess I was thankful for togetherness. 

How was your thanksgiving? Did you buy into the Black Friday deals or was the food comma just too much? As always feel free to sound off below. One more post about thanksgiving tomorrow:) 



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