Love & Gratitudeday 6/7 (Thanksgiving Week) 

The Sunday after a break is usually one of the most depressing days just because it’s the time when it hits you how much you SHOULD have done, that you didn’t do. If you’re a student then you know what I mean.  Looking back on breaks isn’t all bad either.  The pictures of smiling faces of friends and family around the dinner table, the  hilarious memories that last a lifetime. That being said I’m  sure tomorrow morning will be filled with lots of coffee and yawning, more struggling than a regular Monday but I like the fact that there is a new Monday to face. 

So on Saturday I got the privilege of going to Anne’s church out near Long Beach/Gardena area. The awkward moments were exponentially easier to handle because I had an old friend by my side.  I’ve known her for almost 9 years now that’s crazy to even think about. We had our first day as freshmen together, applied for colleges together, went on and and choir trips together, took road trips to look for grad schools together, and most recently mused about the uncertain future together. There’s just something about having a constant that stays the same among all the change in the world and I’m super thankful for friends like that. I’m thankful for friends who you can press pause with when you’re apart and then pick up right where you left off.

Today went exactly as I stayed in the opening of this post- I just panicked about all the things school wise that I hadn’t done while I was watching Gilmore girls, eating, sleeping and being a bum all week lol BUT I’m thankful for that- a new week.  New opportunities to do better, new fresh energy cultivated from the break, a new hope for change, a renewed sense of gratitude and love-I’m thankful for all of that. 

Thanks for taking this journey of giving thanks with me this week. I believe an attitude of gratitude is something that should always be present not just at the end of the month of November. So as you go through this week and people frustrate you, when plans fall apart, you don’t get enough sleep, or looming final exams make you cranky- Remember that there is still something to be thankful for.  Keep a list on the fridge or on your phone or on your bathroom mirror of all the reasons you have to be thankful.

Have an amazing week! 



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