Love Bit For The Week: TV Notes (This Is Us)

So for the new year I wanted to change up my blog format a little and find some direction. My theme is All things Amore, and I talked about that a little in a previous post about how love is at the core of most everything we do. 

So what I wanted to do was post two times a week at least. One post will be at the beginning of the week and it’ll be some form of encouragement to kinda fill up your love cup for the week.  This will be either in the form of a quote, a verse, a video, song lyrics, a picture, etc.  I also wanna do posts called Love Bits at the end of the week that detail places where I saw love during my week.  These will be more versatile depending on my experiences that week but I do hope they will be helpful. My goal for this year is to sure more love with the world and just share my experiences trying to be a more intentionally loving person. 

For last week’s Love Bit I watched an episode of the new drama/comedy Rhis Is Us. I love love LOVE everything about this show basically.  I love milo ventimiglia, I always have.  I love his portrayal in this episode specifically of the father of the household.. I love watching him kind of battle his own demons on his own time, also finding time to be super dad to his kids. So basically I typed down my thoughts while watching last week’s episode in real time. If you haven’t seen it this would be a good place to stop reading lol

Season 1, Episode 10 “The Right Thing To Do”

Kevin explaining his jokes is actually hilarious 

The chemistry between milo and Mandy is epic. I believe them so much I feel all the things they feel as parents. 

I wish Kate had another storyline outside of her weight and her boyfriends weight-maybe a hobby would make her more relatable for me. Weight is an issue for every and any girl he’s but I don’t like how in this show it kinda defines who she is.

I love the fact that Randall and Beth’s family is a successful black family not a single mom struggling in the hood cause representation matters. 

Yes Kevin you sleeping with your playwright and you coworker is a terrible idea 

Olivia has returned and all the air in the Room has Been sucked out. It was like when Chris Harrison walks into the room with the first impression rose on the bachelor and all the girls stop breathing and speaking. 

It’s adorable how Randall and his father have sort of switched roles. It’s clear when Randall watches him walk out that door for the overnight date with Jesse that he doesn’t wanna let him out of his sight for whatever reason. We all kinda have that moment when we get older where we start caring for our parents and worrying about them as if they’re 4. 

I love love love the generational parallels in this show. Getting to see how pushy and disapproving and overbearing Jack Pearson’s mother in law is explains why jack seems to always be in overdrive as a parent and as a husband. He’s always had something to prove. 

Kate and Toby. I just feel like she’s his mom. It’s like she cares about his well being more than he does and that feels weird to me. I’d have to peace out tbh. 

“Olivia’s more famous but she also might be mentally ill” 😂😂😂❤ im telling you I LOVE Kevin and I love how he plays off  of Randall because Randall has terrible horrible, no good dad jokes and Kevin’s dry humor kills me 

KAY so there’s about 8 minutes left in the episode, I’m gonna go ahead and grab a box of Kleenex cause I’m not new here and I know the drill. 

Kevin made a good decision but still somehow screwed it up.  He picked the right girl but he made it sound like he did it because he HAD to not because he wanted to be with her. So naturally she storms off.  I think he needs a little bit more maturing before he can be in a good committed relationship. Same with Kate tbh.

“You ve lived in this home and if it comes down to it you can die here”…Aww Randall is breaking all our hearts.  Although he’s also acting very brand new.  Like you knew it would come down to this because that man told you right after he met you.  I think his exact words were “I’m dying son” 

I just wanna hug jack and not let go. He always seems like he needs it. He gives and gives and sacrifices and sacrifices and he’s still always a step behind. AND THEN THEYRE JUST GONNA KILL HIM? I’m hurt. He sold his beloved car. Just to die and be replaced by some no personality having imposter who marrieshis  wife. W h y 😭😭

And the smile on jacks face that only comes when his wife smiles. Ugh I’m so hurt. And I also fed like every episode I’m literally waiting for him to die. I hate free nit knowing but I also see how it keeps people tuned in because we know he’s gonna die eventualllt just not how or when. 

Solid episode overall. Nice to see a little of the past and the odds jack and his wife had to overcome deciding to keep the kids against everyone’s warnings and the love that propels them through the tough times and up to where they are today. 

Why didn’t this show win the golden globes again? I think it was just the categories they were in that were tough. God knows they deserve it. I just love the raw emotion and array of feelings I have when I watch it cause there’s never just one. 

So that was basically my live reactions. Let me know what you think.  Have you Watched the show? If so, who is your favorite character? How do you feel about the constant flashback parallel to the present format? 

This week I hope you appreciate your family and how unique their love is. Like the Pearson’s love someone through the bad AND the good this week. 



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