Monday Motivation from Meredith Grey 

So I was thinking of where to get a warm and fuzzy thought for the week to encourage you and fill up your love cups, as well as my own and I realized this week TGIT is returning to ABC

F I N A L L Y. 

Between Kerry Washington’s pregnancy and abc posponing the entire Thursday lineup last week to show me an hour of the trump family background I didn’t ask for, I was slightly livid. 

Hardcore greys anatomy fans don’t think of happiness and success when the name Meredith Grey comes up.  We often think of gloom and doom. Because what other fictional character has taken that many L’s?? She deserves happiness and light and love, and I could go on and on but let me just give you the quote for the week.

“We will try and we will fail.

But then we will try again. Because that’s what progress looks like.”

-Meredith Grey

I love everything about that quote because you can apply it to just about anything-politically, socially, personally, mentally, we have to keep going. The worst thing you can do is fail and then stay stuck within that failure.  By doing so, you rob yourself of an important learning experience and you remain stagnant, not moving forward or backward. 

So this week as things come at you left and right, I encourage you to keep going.  If you get hit, stop to feel the loss, but don’t stay down. Dust yourself off and try again.  Like my LA Lakers who took the worst Loss in franchise history and have had two tragic previous seasons. You have to keep showing up hoping it’ll get better-because one day it will.  The law of averages says that everyday can’t be all bad.  But you have to hold on to see better days. 

  Be the Shiny happy Meredith Grey in the last picture not side-eyeing, gloomy Meredith Grey in the middle picture. Let’s keep working, keep trying, and keep progressing. 

As always, comments and questions welcome below. Will you be watching any of the TGIT shows on ABC this week (scandal, greys, how to get away with murder)? Any thoughts on the AFC/NFC teams who lost the championship? 

Have a wonderful week!! Love more! 



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