Love Bit For The Week: Optimism 

So I had the day off work today, hence the late post. When you don’t have a day off you complain about how much you could get done if you did, but when you do, often times nothing really gets done. At least that’s been My experience. 

So this week was rough. You know the feeling of comfort I talked about last week?  Well, that kinda faded away.  Sometimes things go so well in life that you almost forget what it’s like to struggle.  But fret not, life often reminds you.  I’m struggling with a difficult professor, plans I thought were set in stone seem to be falling apart slowly, and I just cant seem to get it together. Not to mention every time I get a news report about things going on in our country my heart hurts a little more. I am an INFJ personality type for those of you who took the MBTI. This means when I’m stressed I don’t ask for help, I simmer like a quiet volcano until I can summer no more. I look inward and tend to deal with tough stuff on my own and if not reigned in, this often just leads to random outbursts here and there. 

About midway in the week I felt myself just having bursts of annoyance with just about everyone.  Anytime I looked at someone all I could see is what annoyed me about them, because I was not dealing with the real reasons that I was feeling this way. 

So where was the love, you may be asking.  As I said last week, there’s always a silver lining-always a break in the clouds if you just wait.  Yesterday I spent the day with my mama at her work. She’s a high school math teacher and she has been for years but I’ve never seen her in action for one reason or another.  Either we are in school at the same time, or I’m busy at work.  But yesterday she was just so happy.  It was like bring your kid to work day for her.  She got a new grader, and a new shiny toy to show to all her friends and coworkers.  I can’t count the number of teachers who I got to meet who seemingly knew all of my wonderful accomplishments.  My mom and I fight like any other mother and daughter but watching her do what she loves, it’s hard to not be in awe.   

How she does what she does at work all day and then comes home and still gives her all to her family is beyond me.  That woman has always amazed me.  I’m really grateful I got to see her teach, laugh, learn, and encourage even for those few hours.  Being a teacher is a thankless job, but being a mom I think is the greatest job of all because you kind of take on every role in book-with no pay, no breaks, no end date. It’s incredible. 

And so. What I learned this week.  It’s really easy to look at people and see all that’s terrible, all that’s wrong and all that you would do different.  But when you search for the positives, the good in people it changes YOU.  optimism is a powerful thing. Even the person you despise the most, has something or someone they love. And I think In the world we live in today, we need more of that. More optimism, more of people embracing their passion, more really great teachers. I’m going to chill out this weekend and try not to murder anyone. I think some selfcare and unplugging is in order to refresh before Monday. Have an awesome weekend!! Hug your moms extra tight and thank them for all they do. 

As usual, your comments, questions and concerns are welcome below. Thanks for always reading. Thanks for learning how to love better with me! ALSO.  I have a really special project. I’ve been working on for the week of Valentine’s Day that creeping up here and I can’t wait to tell you guys about it.  Stay tuned! 



2 thoughts on “Love Bit For The Week: Optimism 

  1. Moms really are superheroes in disguise haha. I totally agree, we can learn something from everyone whose paths cross ours in life, no matter what they might seem like on the outside. Great post!

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