Issues of the Heart series intro 

Hey guys! So I know I have been slacking. Last week I didn’t get to put a single post up. Working with kids everyday finally caught up to my immune system and I was out sick. I’m back though and feeling much better. Lots of fluids and rest, theraflu and Tylenol. 

So let’s get down to business. I promised you all I would do something special The Week leading up to Valentine’s Day and I had some extra motivation recently.  I’m not sure about you guys but I know personally, the events in US politics and news get more and more depressing by the second. Last week was especially difficult for me. As someone who was an immigrant and refugee at one point before becoming a citizen, my heart was broken by what was going on politically.  But seeing the response of the people gave me so much hope. And I started thinking about love and it’s many facets. With Valentine’s Day coming up, people often only think about love as the box of chocolates your boyfriend obviously HAS to send you if he’s serious about you.  The Instagram posts of bouquets of flowers and teddy bears that cost your man $20 even though they are $4.99 every other day of the year confuse me.  I began to think about how love is so much more than all of that.  

So I decided to do some research and see what you all think about the different kinds of love in your lives.  I think that when we put love in a box and ascribe it one meaning, we simplify or dumb down a complex, amazing thing that has so many different parts.  Single people-just because there may not be a significant other in your life this Valentine’s Day does NOT mean your life is void of love.  

So basically I got 12 different people with different backgrounds to tell me a little about what they love or who they love and I will be posting those all this week.  One post a day and towards the weekend it’ll probably be two posts a day, leading up to Valentine’s Day.  I’m hoping you can find at least one of these people to agree with and maybe another to show you something you never thought of.  My hopes are that by the end of this series we will all be a little more appreciative of the different places we see love in our lives and think about how we can go out into the world and share that with someone else. 

So I hope you enjoy these spotlight features. The first one will probably be up later today! Feel free to give feedback, share and hit the like button.  A lot of these people aren’t writers by profession they’re just friends who succumbed to my persistent texts for help with the big ideas in my head, and I love them for stepping up and agreeing to take that risk.  I’m sure they would love to hear what you thought of their pieces and appreciate that encouragement. Happy reading friends! 



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