Issues of the Heart Part 1

For Part 1 in this series about the different facets of love, I interviewed a very dear friend of mine about her thoughts on sibling love.  In this particular case, the two siblings are far apart in age and that diffference means they have to love a little bit differently.  She chose a song from the classic , A Goofy Movie, that is linked below to describe the love she shares with her brother.  Take a listen to the song and then  read some of her thoughts! 

Nobody Else But You- Clip

Guest Writer: Myesha, 22, from Nassau Bahamas/ FL

1.) How far apart are you and your brother? 

  • We are 7 years apart.  He is older. 

2.) What about this song describes you and your brother’s relationship, or how does it remind you of the love between the two of you? 

  • This song is basically father and son (Goofy and Max)  saying how annoying they find each other sometimes, but it does not matter because at the end they still love each other and have each other’s backs.  That’s me and my brother Pete. We don’t fight that much anymore because we’re adults, ya know? But we still get annoyed at each other every now and then.  The ups and downs that goofy and max go through in the song kind of parallel our relationship as well.

3.) What do you think is the difference between the love between siblings and the love in other relationships or friendships? 

  • I think the love between siblings is a little bit more durable.  Family usually is, if you are lucky.  The love between friends can be unstable, sometimes.  People get upset at each other.  They fight and there are no guarantees that friendships can recover from those fights and ever return back to normal.  You may forgive a friend, but the damage is usually already done.  But when the same thing happens between a brother and a sister, no matter what the argument is, at the end of the day, that’s your family and that love never goes away. Friends stop “loving” each other all the time based on situational matters. I can stop speaking to Pete because I am mad at him, or we may not talk for a while because of the physical distance between us or whatever, but I won’t ever stop loving him because that’s my brother! 

So what do you think? Is there a difference between love of siblings and love of friends? Does the age difference mean anything or is it the same type of love?  

Thanks for reading! Share, post, and like if you enjoyed it! Tomorrow we will dive into part two of sibling love by looking at twins! 


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