Issues of the Heart Part 2

For part 2 in this series about the different facets of love, I interviewed my cousin about her thoughts on sibling love. In this particular case, the two siblings have no age difference at all because they are twins! Knowing both girls, it’s easy to see that though they may have physical similarities their likes and dislikes and their personalities are quite different. Regardless, I love them BOTH and the love between them fascinates me! Read some of her words on the topic and I doubt you won’t be just as enthralled as I am:)  

Guest Writer: Stephanie ( about her twin Nicole), 28, from Zimbabwe, Africa/CA

1) what is your favorite color?

  • I have two! Red & Black

            What is your sisters? 

  •  Blue (but you’d think it’s black and grey if you look at her closet haha)

2.)what is your favorite sport?  

  • To watch = football. To play = I’m not the sporty twin so…NADA! ZIP! ZILCHISMO!

      Your sisters? 

  • To watch = basketball & tennis. To play = tennis

3.)what is your favorite food?

  • Chocolate Cake

     Your sisters? 

  • Sa! Curry Stew! Expensive Specialty Pizza!

4.)what is your biggest pet peeve?       

  • Wordiness…I need conversations to be quick, brief and efficient. I’m always on the go, so you gotta give me any verbal info in a way that matches my life haha

     Your sisters? 

  • LIES! Especially from F***boys.

5.)how long was your longest relationship? 

  • 4 years so far (I’m married haha)

      What about your sisters?

  • 6 months

6.)are you identical twins or fraternal twins?

  • Identical ( for those of us who slept through bio class, this means they are genetically almost exactly the same- monozygotic: they shared the same egg and it split in half: only 33% of all twins are identical) 

7.) describe your relationship with your twin sister briefly

  • We’re “sister-best friends”. We have done almost everything together since BEFORE birth. From early on, we’ve had to learn to share (space, resources, friends etc), be sensitive (we may look alike but we’re TOTALLY different), plan for one another, listen to one another, hold each other accountable etc all the things that are fundamental to any relationship. Our parents said we had our own language when we were babies, and that we would talk for hours. We also tried to save each other from corporal punishment by lying for one another, taking the punishment for each other, or trying to physically fight mom or dad off the twin getting punished! Unfortunately, we also fight like besties. Sometimes we haven’t talked for months at a time. At the end of the day though, we try to always have each other’s backs.

8.) how would you say you express love to your sister? 

  • Nicci’s love languages are words of affirmation, touch and acts of service…So I hug her, build her up, check-in on her (maybe too much sometimes lol), listen to her rants and venting, buy her things she needs (a warm meal, doodads and nick-knacks), complete tasks she needs done (read over her papers and edit them, help with bills etc).

What an awesome relationship. Myesha touched on sibling love being different from love in other relationships  yesterday because you love your sibling no matter what and Stephanie seemed to echo that. 

If you missed that post you can read it here! 

Issues of the Heart Part 1

What do you think? As usual feel free to leave any comments, like, or share! Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow for a personal letter about the love between a mother  and a child Written in her own words!  


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