Issues of the Heart Part 5 

Friday! We made it. Five days into the series. Thanks to all my readers as well as the amazing writers! Today’s post was written by a friend, a previous coworker, a nurse in training, and a very brave young lady I met during my time at Southern. She opens up about coming back from heartbreak and learning to love again, but with a new addition-Jesus! 

Guest Blogger: Rebeca, 21, Florida, U.S.

I was in love. I had found the man of my dreams, and I was gonna hold on to that for dear life. I thought I had it all. The one thing that I was looking for my entire life was to fall in love. I had finally found it.

As time went by, problems between me and him increased and solutions to these problems seemed impossible to find. All of a sudden, the high of being in love and all those warm feelings- it all came crashing down. I was completely heartbroken. I felt like I had lost my purpose in life and this made me realize one thing. It hit me then just how much I wanted to love and be loved.

Talking to one of my best friends, Alexy, and expressing my feelings of brokenness at that time was really helpful. She listened to me and she was quick to remind me that I was already loved. I thought to myself,  “Of course I am loved by  my friends and family, but I kinda want something more.” Little did I know that she was talking about more.

She was talking about someone who has never stopped loving her, through her highs and her lows. Someone who is quick to forgive and cares so much for her. Someone who is patient with her and looks behind her attitude and shortcomings. He continuously shows her acts of kindness. He knows how to protect her physically and emotionally. Despite her sinful self, The man she talked about continues to trust in her and to hope for her personal growth.  He isn’t arrogant or selfish and always puts her needs over His.  You are probably thinking to yourself, “That man sounds PERFECT; Where can I find him??”

The only true way to get the feelings of security Alexy talked about is by building a new relationship with this guy. At that time, I had to stop and ask myself a few important questions. Was I really ready to start all over? Was I ready to be completely vulnerable again? Was I willing to get heartbroken if He didn’t live up to the standards? See I was scared to trust, and even more scared to let someone else in. In fact, I still struggle with that today. But how could I let my fears overtake me and keep me away from something so good, something I have always wanted?

Eventually, I gree tired of the tears and tired of being alone. I was tired of the emptiness. I finally made the radical decision to put aside my fears and step forward.

“Jesus heal my broken heart, love me, take me as yours, and help me fall in love with you.”

That was my prayer. My life has tremendously changed after making that decision. You see, since that very day, I began a new journey with a new Man- Jesus took me on this new journey. This newfound relationship was everything I expected, and more. It quickly became a safe spot where I could be completely vulnerable without being judged. A place that encouraged growth, but most importantly- it has healed my heart. See, placing your heart in the right hands is really important because people can mishandle it, play with it, and crush it-without looking back. Can you see why it’s normal for us to have trust issues? I myself struggle with not knowing what a person  I give my heart to will choose to do with it.  But since I gave my heart to Jesus, I have not felt  ridiculed, judged, played with, or crushed. This new love I have is really hard to explain because Jesus is just soooo amazing. If I am truly honest, it hasn’t always been easy trying to navigate my way through the waters of love.  If I’m honest, I have some trust issues, difficulty being vulnerable, and extreme stubbornness- all making me very protective of my heart-but when I truly give my ALL to Jesus, all that I get back is good. I look forward to spending time with Him everyday. He helps me in school, in making decisions, provides peace, and rest in a world that is always moving. Love is nothing without Him. I feel like I cannot love my friends, my family, my career, or my significant other if I don’t have the love of Jesus. This so called “Valentine” season is filled with overuse of the word love And quite frankly, it means nothing if you don’t love Jesus. Jesus created love- He loves you, and is just waiting for you to love Him back.

So at one point, I lost hope that I could ever find true love. I asked myself, “how can a God who is so loving allow for bad things to happen?”  But I don’t feel alone anymore, in fact I never was-thanks to Jesus.

So Now what? I still want to find a man and be loved by a man, especially after seeing what true love is really about withJesus. I now know what to look for in a man because of the love I continue to experience in my relationship with Jesus. Love is patient so as i patiently wait for God to bring me that man, I hold on to true love with Jesus.

What a beautiful story.  It’s amazing how often times we have to be at our lowest before we can really learn these critical, life-changing lessons. For those of you who know, Happy Sabbath! For the rest you, happy Friday! lol thanks for continuing to come back and read with me. See you tomorrow. As usual previous posts are linked below! 

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