Issues of the Heart 8

For Part 8 of this series taking a closer look at love, I asked one of girls on my hall at SAU to share a little but of her own thoughts.  She’s a bright young woman and she was one of the most thoughtful girls I had the pleasure of working with last year.  So I invite you to take a second during all the Valentines Day chaos and read some of her thoughts as to why Love is a multifaceted and complex thing in and of itself. 

Guest Blogger: Shannon, 20, North Carolina, USA 

Love, is an interesting word. This phrase that can mean so much, yet so little: 

I love my significant other. 

I love cheesecake. 

But I also love my mom. 

Did I really just use the same word to talk about my affection for the woman who gave me life AND to describe a dessert that fills me with nothing but empty calories? Yes, yes I did.

Here are some of my own personal thoughts and feelings about the concept of love:

  • Real, authentic, love is unconditional. It is not always intimate, warm feelings, and rainbows and unicorns.  But one thing love is, is constant. It never gives up and is always present. 
  • Love is looking at someone and thinking to yourself, “I have no idea what I would do without this person in my life,” or “this person frustrates me so much, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” 
  • It is not simply passionate or romantic love between a couple. It is not just the love of a particular food
  • Love is this beautiful gift that we have to bestow on other people, outside of ourselves.
  • Most people associate this word “love” as being a word meant for romance, especially around this time of Valentine’s Day.  Love CAN BE a word meant for romance, but stay with me. I think we are forgetting something crucial. This four-letter word is not only meant for romantic love, or to say I love cheesecake because, I really love cheesecake, but love is MORE than just that. It’s is a bit of a loaded word that can mean one of many things! 
  • Love is intimate and far beyond a feeling, because c’mon cheesecake makes me feel pretty good. But love is  still more than any of that because I think there are many different types of love. 
  • As much as I would like to deny it, I enjoy chick flicks. Nine times out of ten we will here this cliché line in most of them that goes a little like this, “you are unlike anyone I have ever met” or, “I have never felt this way about anyone else in my entire life.” These passionate love stories in movies depict love as a feeling and I think they color the way people think about love sometimes. But I think it’s time we start looking at love differently.
  • I love my job, almost more than any job I have ever had. I am a Resident Assistant, in my sophomore year of college. As a Resident Assistant, I am responsible for being available to the girls on my hall and helping them with anything they may have problems with.  I have around forty girls, on my hall and I honestly love them all. I cannot and even begin to describe how much this job has helped me grow. These girls have helped me stop focusing on the things in my life that are going wrong, while using every opportunity to focus someone else. They have helped me see that I can minister to other people in a way I never thought was possible. 
  • My job has taught me that Love can come in the form of growth, sacrifice, work, or serving others. 
  • Furthermore, love can manifest itself through our friendships. I value relationships. My friends mean so much to me. Even though I do not always appreciate their advice in helping me grow. I know they are doing it because they care. I can be stubborn and sometimes I do not want to listen to them. I get annoyed when they tell me what I should do or how I should live my life. But, at the end of the day I love them regardless even when I disagree with them.  Love cuts across boundaries, walls, and differences of opinion.
  • I think the love a parent has for their child is one of the most significant types of love there is.  When I was in high school I do not think I ever truly understood everything my parents had done for me including taking care of me when I was sick and putting up with me when I was disrespectful. I often took this for granted because I thought, all parents do that. That’s unconditional love. 
  • The unconditional love I received from my parents helped me grow as a person because I know they will always want the best for me. I know I didn’t always make it easy for them, and they probably did not always want to love me either. But they chose too, because love is not just a feeling or roaring passion- Love is also a choice.  It is this beautiful thing that we do because we want someone in our life.
  • Love is choosing, everyday, to love someone else even when we don’t want too. 
  • To Love is being able to minister to other people in one of the best ways possible: by showing people that we care and forming authentic relationships with one another.

So basically, That’s what love is to me This four-letter word that has double meanings, lots of feelings, and can be applied to many things. It’s not just romantic, or the love for food. Love is choosing everyday to love someone else no matter what. No matter what they say, no matter what they put you through. Love is our gift and the best gift that we, as human beings, can ever give.


 I added this last picture because it was one of my favorite moments with Shannon and all my other girls and there wasn’t a time I was with them that I didn’t feel a sense of love.   Thanks Shannon, for being so open and letting us kinda pick your brain in the different types of love. 

There’s one final post after this, by my roommate in college and she does an amazing job of just being real. Because love is very real but it’s not always what you wanna hear, it’s not always happy. Stay tuned for that! Thanks for reading, sharing, liking, and leaving your feedback!! Previous posts below. 


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