Issues of the Heart Part 7

For Part 7 of this series about the many faces and places where we find love in our lives, my sister talks about what it’s like to be in a relationship where the two people live on opposite sides of the globe.  It’s a different love-one that requires a different mindset and a different perseverance and sacrifice, but I’ll let her tell you all about how she makes it work below! 

Guest Blogger: Juliet, 27. Zimbabwe, Africa/California, USA 

Years from now, our past will be a story- a story of long days and lonely nights, hard work and lack of sleep.  We will live each day having intimately knowing the pain of being apart. We will appreciate and embrrace our time together, knowing how lucky we are to have made it through and we’ll find solace in the promise of a future together. 

Long distance love is hard. Not in a million years did i think that I would fimd myself in a long distance relationship, but here we are.  When we first started talking, we automatically clicked.  We talked for four hours straight and the more we talked, the more we wanted to get to know each other. I started to fall in love with a stranger based mostly on what he was telling me or showing me over the phone. I had to embrace the fact that time difference and learn to live with it.  He sometimes calls me at 3am ( him knowing how much i get uncomfortable not having my makeup face on) he always ask if i need 5minutes to put my “Lipstick on” . These little moments we have with each other are the ones that count.  For  example: 2 weeks ago when i woke up i got a video from “Mr Long distance” explaining how his day went and letting me know what he was planning to do with the rest of it.  Although to him this gesture might not have been such a big deal, but to me it was the best video ever.   It made my whole day that much better! After seeing it all i wanted was to hug him but i couldn’t do that so what i did was watch the video over and over again- grinning all the way to my ears.

In order to make our relationship strong, we have learned there are 3 important components that can either make or break us: 

  • patience
  • communication 
  • trust 

Trust plays a huge deal in everything.  When “Mr Long Distance ” doesnt answer my calls a lot of things come to my mind- I always end up asking and answering my own questions Lol . I hate 1 specific question i ask myself all the time “who is he with that makes him so busy that he can’t answer my calls??” When he eventually calls me back even after 5minutes we fight about why he didnt pick up, which basically put our communication skills to the test. After a whole lot of drama of screaming and hanging up ( usually me screaming and him hanging up) lol and probably wanting to choke each other, We come back to find common ground and try to be patience with each other by talking and compromising

The worst part about all this is regardless of our strong bond, we cannot comfort each other physically when things go south and we can’t really makeup either.  We just talk it out hoping we will be fine after. We are not a typical or usual couple but guess what? I fell in love with his soul before i could even touch his skin. And  so I call him My Mr Distance. Happy Valentines Day to you my love. 

Now it makes sense why that girl is always…and I mean ALWAYS on the phone hahaha. A beautiful story about a beautiful love. 

Again, thanks for reading everyday guys. This series has been really awesome.  Tomorrow, Valentines Day, is the grand finale.  I have a few more posts on the general views of love that I think you guys will enjoy so again-stay tuned! The previous posts are linked below!

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