Sights, Sounds & Smells of San Diego

I told you guys I would have a travel blog up here sooner rather than later after my Egypt recap!  There’s just something about the travel bug.  It’s like when you get a small mosquito bite.  It begins as a small red bump on your arm that just keeps itching; you keep scratching and it doesn’t go away.  Ever since I took my first trip back in high school to Mexico, I find myself growing antsy every six months that I am in one place.  That being said, I wanted to do something this spring break even though I didn’t have a lot of time.

San Diego, California is a city that has endless amounts of things to do.  I was there for only four days and it was not nearly enough time to accomplish all that I wanted to.  Originally, I chose San Diego because coastal and beachy areas are also really relaxing for me.  I’m a big city girl.  I love getting lost and exploring big cities.  Unless if we’re talking Mystic Falls, Stars Hollow, or Port Charles, small towns in the middle of nowhere make me die a little inside (my TV addicts will get those references).  So San Diego is about an hour and a half away from me.  I drove there on a Thursday afternoon and traffic was pretty light.  It was a solo trip, so just me and my Vivian (the Volvo aka my car haha).  I stayed at the Lafayette hotel, and I must say I loved it.  The hotel has a very southern, historic feel to it.  I explored the hotel bungalows, the bar and the restaurant named after Bob Hope, the pool area, and the guest shop basically that whole day.  

On Friday morning, I went on a tour that I had booked through a travel company online.  The tour was guided, and in a group.  The perks of air conditioning and a knowledgeable person leading you to basically all of the touristy/picturesque sights are underrated.  Driving around downtown by myself was a disaster- the city is growing by the second and building tons of new residential areas to accommodate the Comic Con fans that swarm them annually I guess.  Parking was a mess, and we won’t discuss the one-way streets that I didn’t realize were one-way streets.  The tour was awesome and it was worth every penny.

I forgot which parking lot I left Vivian in after the tour and I ended up roaming the streets of downtown looking for her in the late afternoon.  I wasn’t that upset about it because I had already paid for a full day of parking.  While on foot, I discovered a district (?) called Little Italy and walked through some of the stores and restaurants there.  The Crepe place I ended up at had a nice server who sat down with me for a moment.  Friday night I was invited to vespers by a group called the SD Care group.  My anxieties had anxieties walking into the house because I watch too much Criminal Minds & I hate being the “new kid” in any room.   But I soon found out they are a very legitimate group of caring, loving, God-fearing people.  I had a good time there.  

Come Saturday morning, I was too exhausted to go out and socialize.  Being an extroverted introvert means as much as I thrive of being around people, I also need time to myself to recharge and rest.  I spent most of Saturday in the hotel reading, watching lifetime movies, journaling, and just lying in bed honestly.  It was strange feeling like I had no responsibilities and just being able to sit there, but I think I needed it.  Sunday, not much happened outside of me hitting the pool, checking out an awesome East African restaurant Ifound, and driving home.

I think sometimes it’s important to just take random trips. Go somewhere different. Do something different, be uncomfortable and see how someone else lives. On my tour I met a young girl who couldn’t have been more than 12. She was traveling with her mother, who happened to be blind.  At every spot we stopped mom stayed in the coach and the girl went out and took in the sights, returning to describe in vivid detail to her mom what she had seen. The mother told me she was elated only to be able to provide her only child that experience. She said she was seeing all she needed to because her daughter was in turn getting to see just how big the world is and just how many opportunities lie before her.  I thought it was a beautiful thing to behold, honestly. 

So- if tasty foods, pristine coastlines, naval history, botanical gardens, Mexican markets, and a warm and friendly people sound enticing to you, I would recommend taking a trip to sunny San Diego! This weekend try to see a little more of the world around you-really see! Feel free to leave comments, questions & concerns below as usual! And shoot me some of your most previous/future travel destinations! 



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