The Road to Epsiode 100 (Scandal-Fest ) Pt.1

So today a little show called Scandal has it’s 100th episode.  I’m sure no one has ever heard of it; not many people watch.  I’m kidding, of course.  I wanted to take a look back at the last 100 episodes and look at the path of some of my favorite characters on the show for Part 1 of this Scandal extravaganza.  Part 2 will be up shortly after and it’ll simply be my Paleyfest experience/pics of me meeting the cast of the show a few weeks ago.

So how did I become one of the millions of gladiators who faithfully tune in every Thursday to watch Olivia Pope slay other people’s demons and struggle with her own?  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a die hard Grey’s Anatomy fan.  So naturally, I would be sitting on my couch in a pile of Kleenex, trying to process the final minutes of Grey’s when Scandal would start right after.  I watched because Shonda Rhimes had me emotionally paralyzed by the first show and unable to leave before the second one started immediately after.  When i commit to a show, i go all in, and do my research first.  Looking up ratings and such, i remember seeing an article about how the lead of the show- Kerry Washington- was to be the first black woman in a lead role on a drama in 27 years.  After that, i was all in, because i knew whether the show would be a slam dunk or an airball, i wanted to be at the game to witness it.

i’ll never doubt Shonda again, because the show was a hit by the end of the first season.  I was having weekly watch parties with my friends in college and we took them oh so seriously.  Yes, it was a bonding time, but there was also an unspoken reverence and respect that is almost hilarious.  We rotated who made snacks for Thursday nights and the guest list fluctuated as our viewing parties got bigger.  People who hadn’t seen each other all week knew they could meet for Scandal on Thursday night.  Talking through the episode however was a surefire way to catch glares and maybe not be invited the next week.  The 3 minutes that commercials were on were the only acceptable times to speak or breath audibly, and even then that time was sacredly reserved for reaction to the OMG scene that had just ended.  Thursday nights since Scandal began have just been such a community even.  When I am not physically with my friends, I’m live tweeting with them!

One cannot cover the growth of 6 seasons- 100 episodes- of this addictive political soap in one blog post, but the growth from season one to the current season is crazy.  Here are some of my favorite moments

  • Episode 1: Olivia Pope the Savior and her intro to the ABC viewers was phenomenal.  In this episode you see her sashay her hips, talk faster than Lorelai Gilmore, and basically fix literally every problem thrown her way.  They kinda set up the gladiator team at OPA and let you know each member came from some tragic spot in their lives but moved into the light because Liv saved them. I need an Olivia Pope in my life, dont we all?
  • Olitz: Liv and Fitz, Fitz and Liv, the lip tremble and the eyebrow quiver.  Crazy.  I feel like for every 15 Scandal fans i meet, 14/15 of them are enamored with this relationship. personally i grew very annoyed with it because HELLO he’s married.  call me old fashioned because i was always so mad at they way fans praised Liv and crucified mellie, but i disgress
  • but THEN Fitz gets shot and all hell breaks lose.  I dont know if I’ve ever watched a more intense episode of TV ever.
  • You have Liv’s kidnapping and for the first time, superwoman needs rescuing- cue fitz being willing to start a war over 1 woman… NOT HIS WIFE…..clearly he hasnt watched the movie troy.  All of sudden there are fewer cases and Liv herself is the case as her family comes up and we get the intro of Jake, Rowan, and mama pope
  • i also love how Shonda made the political parralels she did that makes the show so relevant. i loved that they tackled issues like police brutality, rape, soliders in combat hiding sexuality choices, corruption in high places- all of it was done so directly and i think it made it wasie to discuss some tings we never did

its been a crazy ride and in 100 episodes the characters grew, too.  I’ll just end by noting the growth and transformation of my favorite characters

  • MELLIE GRANT- Easily my favorite character, always has been.  Everyone kind of hopped on the bandwagon after her son died and they realized shes not a heartless witch keeping Fitz and Liv from standing being happy. shes a mom. shes a woman who can stand on her own.  The fillabuster was the first sign of this.  not to mention how Fitz treated her and how she had to see his mistress day in and day out but still backed him as president and did her wifely duties.  i just love the strong woman she is.  Give that woman an emmy for her fried chicken graves scenes.  I’d elect her as my president ANYDAY. #imwithher
  • Jake Ballard: its hilarious how jake was introduced as this creepy stalkerish guy who bugs livs house and watches her bathe and drink wine and sleep and now?? now hes this rugged, NSA director (the irony)  we all want to be happy and loved because hello, hes hot!! yeah he killed people for a while, but he always has a good reason right? minor details.  he also went from being Rowans puppet and his “son” to this season being livs puppet so in that aspect he didnt move much unfortunately
  • President Fitzgerald Grant III- what’s funny is im not a Fitz fan.  I hate the way he treats the women in his life, i think hes a terrible president, and i really don’t think he’s changed much or learned from his mistakes.  I think this  new post presidency Fitz from this season is hilariously free spirited and more entertaining to watch.  he reminds me of obama as his term was winding down when he was just ready to go and planning vacations and such.
  • Huck- Liv’s right hand sidekick.  he went from licking quinn, stalking his own family, torturing anyone who didnt speak in a tone liv liked to being shot and locked in a trunk.  I cant wait to see how he recovers after this latest near death experience

What a show.  Shonda Rhimes is obviously phenomenal.  It’s been a crazy ride so far Gladiators but I’ve loved every second of it!  I’m sure the 100th episode tonight won’t disappoint either!

Stay tuned for the Paleyfest pictures of the cast!



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