Have  you ever been on the freeway (or highway if you are not a Californian), and you have no idea where you’re going? That’s me literally all the time so google maps is my best friend.  So I’ll be casually driving to my destination and my phone will tell me there is a 20 minute delay ahead and that there is an alternative route.  If you’re a Southern California driver, you know that’s usually a lie.  The minute you take the alternative freeway, usually, the one you just left opens up and the GPS redirects you right back to square 1.  That’s what these NBA Playoffs felt like.  People got hurt, players were suspended, teams had shocking runs while others weren’t so shocking, players retired, and there was all KINDS of pettiness on social media by the athletes in between games.  All those twists and urns and we ended up RIGHT where we began in prediction at the start of the year-  the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Golden State Warriors.

So i thought I would jot down my thoughts prior to Game 1 tonight.  The team-based fan in me is annoyed for obvious reasons.  It seems like no matter what players are traded, which coaches are swithced around, and which rookies are added- the two top dogs will always be GS in the west and CLE in the east.  If you’re a fan of literally any other NBA team you know what I mean when I say the situation seems bleak sometimes.  My main team didn’t have a trash season, but they weren’t amazing either- the Lakers are rebuilding without Kobe and they’re all so young I didn’t really expect anything more.  The bouts of depression I suffered came from the two next teams I support because they got close enough to taste success before being booted out of playoffs. The Wizards were soooo much fun to watch this year, but I think it was apparent that even superhuman John Wall needs a bench to help him.  And the Rockets. God. I’m not sure i’m ready to recap the train wreck that was James Harden so we will exclude him.  The rest of the Rockets team did so so well.  And i really think they could have bothered GS at the very least.  Can you imagine how much fun it would have been to watch Pat Beverly annoy the hell out of Steph Curry??? He’s basically Draymond Green, but I actually like him. Stifling defense. We were robbed.

As an NBA fan however, how can you not be excited about this Cavs Warriors matchup??  I think its comical that people are talking about a sweep from Golden State because I’ve learned to stop betting against Lebron James.  He’s Lebron freaking James.  I just can’t disrespect him enough to think he would allow a complete sweep without leaving his corpse out on the court.  Yall seen that man’s twitter??? Once that zero-dark 23 tweet goes up NO ONE IS SAFE.  Now in order to win the series his whole team would have to be at their very best.  JR Smith would need to not only show up, but show out.  Tristan Thompson would be pivotal.  Kevin Love has been playing out his mind already, and Kyries doesn’t really need to be told to be Kyrie.

The warriors are so stacked it’s crazy.  I think we’re all mad because we realize that.  It was shocking this season when they won a game by less than 20.  They’re just that good.  Personally, I stopped watching them play after the first like 3 games of the playoffs because cmon.  Those blowouts were demoralizing.  It physically became painful to watch.  The Cavs would need to be extraordinary to win the series, while the Warriors can afford to just be ordinary.  So I understand the predictions.  Javale McGee is shooting above 70%.  Not much else can go right for those guys, it seems like they’re at the pinnacle.  I wouldn’t be mad if they fell somehow, though. Then we could all just blame Mike Brown. 

We have yet to see the Warriors in crisis mode this playoffs.  We’ve seen them calm, crazy good, and smooth.  What happens if then Cavs hit a run? What Warriors show up then? Does Draymond throw up a kick? Does Mike Brown maybe switch up rotations and trust someone new with more minutes like Channing Frye or Deron Williams?  Does the Kardashian curse haunt Tristan Thompson and cause him to be utterly useless all series?Does Klay Thompson stay asleep all series or does he go for 50 one night and remind KD he was there first? Do we get another bit from  Kyire about the aliens taking over his body and causing him to play well or maybe his flat earth theory? So many possibilities!

I’m hoping for an entertaining series.  I’m hoping for competition, trash talk, crazy post game interviews, amazing blocks- ALL of the works.  I’m also hoping the Cavs can pull out 1 game….maybe even 2.  Golden State in 5 or 6 is my call, but I would love a game 7.  I guess we will see!! Stay tuned!

There’s a wonderful article on the that talks about the importance of each player on both teams and I thought it was incredible.  For my avid basketball fans, give that a read!

Ranking The Usefulness of all 30 Players in the Finals  


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