Blogaversary things 

Exactly one day ago today, I officially joined the world of blogging! Wow.  I remember clicking that post button for the first time and telling myself it’s ok if no one reads it.  I remember getting so many likes from friends and family on my first post initially and then being stuck on how I could possibly top that.  I remember nights when I had an idea on something I wanted to write about, but I wondered if it would be true to my blog or if my readers would even be interested in that particular topic.  It’s been such an amazing journey.  At first the blog was going to be a temporary thing , but I’ve decided to keep doing it and I wanted to stop and note the reasons why along with some things I have learned. 

  1. Writing is kind of like my catharsis.  When I write it comes from the inner most part of me and usually I feel twenty times better when I get my thoughts on a piece of paper or on a post.
  2. I’ve learned that writers all have different styles and sounds and that I don’t have find a niche.  I’ve learned it’s ok for my pieces to be different. 
  3. I’ve learned there’s a million different things to write about!! Yes someone else may have already written on it, but they haven’t done it the way I can. 
  4. I’ve learned to write for me and only me. Times when I’ve tried to tailor my writing to what I think others will like, it hasn’t brought me the same type of joy.  What brings me joy is writing about my experiences and what I learned and sharing that with people who may be going through the same thing and need some extra encouragement that it will be okay.  So that’s my main aim-a lifestyle blog about me…but to encourage you. 
  5. I’ve learned writing helps me reach people.  I’ve had people tell me about a post they’ve read that really resonated with them though they may not have liked it or commented.   Your piece may be exactly what someone in the world needs to hear. 
  6. I learned my support system is THE BEST.  Family around me, family back home in Zimbabwe, and friends from different corners of the world who keep up with my ramblings and I appreciate you all so much! 
  7. I learned internet friends are a real thing and they are a real AWESOME thing. 
  8. I learned reading other writers content is super inspirational.  Reading something new ALWAYS gave me new insights.

When I began this blog I was in a little bit of a dark and hopeless place. I had just graduated and I felt like I was the only person who didn’t have an immediate plan of success. I was running from grief over the death of a family friend and I was avoiding the feelings of being back home after being gone so long that home doesn’t feel like home. This blog gave me a place to put all that and if you’re reading it now as a new visitor or a regular know that it means so much to me!! The following quote from a Kelly Clarkson song sums up my feelings and seems like a good note to end on.

“Beat down on me beat down like a waterfall. Cuz I can take on so much more than I had ever dreamed. Baby I am ready to be freed. But Now I am invincible, no I ain’t a scared little girl no more. Now I am invincible, what was I running for? I was hiding from the world. I was so afraid I felt so unsure-now I am invincible.”

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the feedback and the support. Thanks for making me feeling invincible! 

PS some of you know I did join a new “group” blog of sorts. For all my sports fans if you’d like to check it out I’ll link it below.  Me and 6 other amazing women write on just about every sport you can think of. I mostly cover football and basketball so my articles are on those pages when you click the main menu, and they have my name on them. Have an amazing week guys❤️

Sports As Told by a Girl Blog


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